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Who We Are

Tim Saward

Tim Saward - Managing Director

A love of sport and in particular soccer, drove Tim initially into education where his standards of presentation, honesty and integrity were honed – the teams may not have been the best but they definitely looked it!!

Promotional roles with Adidas, Subbuteo and Match Weekly followed where organizational skills and attention to detail were developed before forming the company in 1984.

That same honesty and direct approach from those formative years in education continued into business, always working as a team member and often leading that team as an extension to the customers own, providing specialist knowledge, skills and experience to achieve the required goal.

A true ‘born and bred’ Yorkshire man, Tim spends customers’ money as if it was his own (and he doesn’t spend much of that!) and is never afraid to voice an honest, authoritative opinion.

Jack Saward

Jack Saward - Operations Director

Jack brings a wealth of knowledge from both the public and private sectors to the TSP ShowBusiness team.

Having been involved with the company for as long as he can remember, Jack has seen first-hand how businesses have to evolve within the ever changing markets we live and work in. With vast experience of working in the UK and Europe, Jack has also had the opportunity to work on differing projects in North America, China and Africa.

Priding himself on his 'face to face' communication skills, Jack's focus has always been to ensure that he can 'feel' and 'understand' what the TSP ShowBusiness customers want, as well as how best to offer that service within budget parameters.

If you meet Jack you will hear him use the term 'professional cuddle', that's not because he wants to hug everyone, but is because the comfort and reassurance you get from 'a cuddle' is exactly what TSP ShowBusiness aim to provide all their customers with, in the professional environment they work!