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Creating Your Message

In our first series of tips we're focusing on graphics. We’ve put together a few tips on how to create a professional message and deliver it to your target audience. As we know the delivery of you company’s message is key to success.

Trying to say too much on exhibition graphics is where a lot of exhibitors fall down. But you can also say too little. Within the busy exhibition environment people haven’t got time to decipher complicated text, so keep it short and sweet. The best approach is to use high-impact imagery and a simple message to draw in visitors. If you can get them asking questions then you can build up a personal conversation and secure the big leads.

Gaining Interest

It’s important to keep your graphics simple while maintaining the interest of your audience. Graphics are much more interesting and effective when they show rather than tell your audience your product or service in action. And by keeping this in mind you can come up with some creative ways of communicating the benefits of your products and services to your audience.


With the constant developments in technology, we’re encouraging more and more customers wanting to roll out new devices to attract and wow visitors. By displaying your graphics using some of these new methods you might just gain that extra edge over your competitors. Interactive touch screens and walls help to connect visitors to the exhibition stand, and build a more emotional bond with them.

Materials and Design Elements

Remember to still think about the materials you use, no matter how basic a step that sounds. You can easily create a powerful character to your stand if you get it right. This same rule applies for brands with a sleek design and modern components.

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