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From Lego to Outdoor Event Management - Insights Series 1 of 3

As Operations Director for TSP ShowBusiness, a successful Exhibition and Outside Event Company, people often ask me what my role entails and how my past experiences have helped me in my present position.

As a young child I enjoyed making models out of Lego - following the instructions to the letter and completing the model. However, I was never satisfied by simply making the model as per the instructions as I always wanted to try to find a better way to complete the model. This approach was sometimes successful and sometimes a failure but even when it failed I was able to learn from the process. Outdoor Event Management is not unlike building a Lego model. One has to be adaptable and willing to learn from any mistakes. No two projects are the same so adaptability is the key to success as is working as a team.

My job is to pull  together a team of talented individuals to facilitate projects. My aim is to help the people involved deliver the best possible product on time and to an agreed budget.

Before working for TSP ShowBusiness in Event Management, I was employed for a time as a sports coach. It was in this position that I began to realise the importance of good communications. My job at TSP ShowBusiness involves listening to customers to ensure that they get exactly what they want as well as listening to colleagues and being able to value the ideas of others. As my experience has evolved over the years with TSP ShowBusiness I have realised that I don't always have all the answers but by surrounding myself with a first-rate team and being willing to listen I always get the job done.