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The term graphics is often used in a very broad sense when referring to exhibition stand design. Graphics serve a huge purpose in drawing attention of visitors to your brand message. Despite being only one aspect of a stand, due to the competition for footfall at exhibitions, you can often find that getting the graphics right is crucial to success.

Following on from our article about Creating Your Message on graphics, we’re now going to focus on text. What to consider and how best to utilize it for your company’s aims.

Keep it Light

When you have a lot to say about a product you’re enthusiastic about – there’s a temptation to go overboard with copy. However, if your copy reads like a chapter from The Works of Shakespeare then it’s likely to be ignored, as visitors bustle past and give up on trying to take in anything. Try and trim your copy down into 3 or 4 succinct lines – thus capturing the visitors attention and giving them nuggets of information.

Try and liven up product information that would usually be displayed in on stand paraphernalia by putting infographics on your exhibition walls. These are colourful and are a brilliant tool to sum up the product or your company.

Formatting your text

It can sometimes pay off to get creative with the layout of text around images and displays. Find out what works and what doesn’t by experimenting with positioning of words and format. Also think about what you want to communicate most importantly and create a text ‘hierarchy’.


Brand perception relies heavily on choosing the right typeface. Choosing the right font, and there are a multitude out there, may take a while. To start, perhaps look at other brand and see how they communicate their tone through the typeface they use.


Think about the way museums and art exhibits guide visitors through and how to apply that theory to your stand. Where you position text can have a big impact on the way it is read by your audience and it is a prime opportunity to take advantage of your visitor’s journey whilst guiding them to information you want them to see.

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